So, you want to rank number one on Google?! That’s nice, but did you actually take the time to ask yourself, and your marketing team, “Why would our website deserve to rank #1 on Google?!”? I mean, as an SEO Consultant working with various brands, I see people every day asking to rank better on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). But only a few have thought about how to deliver a great experience for their users. Ranking on Google shouldn’t be your top priority as it should rather be providing relevant information and content to the internauts. During 2019, more than ever, your company should be focus on answering people needs and the rest (including rankings) will follow.

Don’t get me wrong, SEO matters but it should not be the tree that hides the forest. That’s why you should rather make these 3 following elements your top business priorities and rankings will follow.

Customer satisfaction come first, SEO second! (Provide quality over quantity)

If you want to succeed on the web as a company or a brand you need to be different from your competitors and provide a better quality. Quality is a broad notion that can apply to a product but also to your way of doing digital marketing. Instead of flooding the web with irrelevant pages and content, a company which want to succeed should rather create pages with added value for the internaut. To do so, take the time to create personas as it will help you mapping your customer journey and their needs. To help you, you could use free tools such as Answer the Public which provide you insights on what people are typing when they search on the web. Apply the same quality you did for your products to your marketing and communications actions and everything will be fine. Providing quality content shouldn’t be done in an SEO perspective but rather in a consumer satisfaction perspective. Consumer satisfaction come first, SEO second!

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors

Customers are not fools: they will identify brands that really take into consideration their needs. This principle work for every kind of business: from B2C to B2B models. You can turn customers into brands ambassadors by offering amazing experiences. For example, you can let your customers be part of your communication by organizing interviews which will be directly posted on your website. People are tired of cold companies and are looking for brands with human face. If you can make your clients speak about your brand in a positive way instead of you: you will win the marketing race.

Care about your customers: listen and answer their queries

The old communication and marketing era is done. Nowadays, customers are interconnected through social media platforms, websites and applications. Thanks to these innovations, people can share ideas, points of view and issues about any topics (including brands and companies). That’s why you can’t keep communicating in a unidirectional way like in the 20th century and be blind to critics. Don’t ignore critics coming from forums, blogs and newspapers. Instead, take them seriously and see how you can integrate them in your process in order to improve your products or services. Thus, if you want to succeed and be recognize as a leading brand in your industry you should have people dedicated to listen to your clients queries and to solve them. By doing so, you will improve your customer service and increase your brand credibility.

Conclusion: happy customers matters more than SEO statistics!

On the web and in the real life, your business top priority should always be your client satisfaction. If you deeply care about your customers, your brand and SEO visibility will naturally benefit from this situation as you will see naturals backlinks, mentions, articles and so on. As I said during the introduction: SEO matters but it should not be the tree that hides the forest.